Project Setup

Receiving an Award

When you win an award, you will receive a message from the sponsor called a Notice Of Grant Award (NOGA), contract, grant agreement or award letter. Generally, notice of awards are received by the Office of Research Administration (ORA), but, in some cases, they may be sent directly to the Principal Investigator. If you receive the notice, please send a copy as soon as possible to your grant administrator and ORA. ORA will review, sign-off and process it as soon as possible. When everything is reviewed, ORA will submit paperwork to Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA). SPA enters the grant information into WorkDay and assigns a grant number to the award.

Notice of Award

In general, Award Notices contain the following information:

  • Amount of funds
  • Start and End date
  • Identification of PI
  • Reporting and invoicing
    • Interim and Final Report (PI)
    • Interim and Final Financial Report (SPA)
    • How to invoice
    • Intellectual Property and dissemination of results

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