Employment Resources

Course Reductions and Releases
  • Course Reductions and Buyouts
    Faculty may buy out their teaching with money from grants. They may also reduce their normal teaching load by accepting a reduction in pay.
  • Salary Grant Coverage and Teaching Load Reductions
    An outline of the policy on academic year salary grant coverage and teaching load reductions based on such coverage.
  • Senior Faculty Research Semester
    Competitive awards that provide faculty with a nonteaching semester and research funds to focus on a scholarly or creative project or initiative.
Leaves of Absence

Faculty are eligible for sabbatical leave in the seventh academic year after completion of 12 semesters of full-time service at Brandeis. Sabbatical leave is granted by the provost, with the advice of the department chair and the appropriate academic dean, to faculty who have held rank of associate professor with tenure or professor with tenure for at least two semesters of full-time service.

Pathways to Retirement

The university offers three retirement options for tenured faculty members over 65.