Leading Practices for Remote, Flexible and Online Teaching

When some or all of our teachers and students need to engage from off campus, there are three main formats to consider:
  • Remote Teaching (with little change to syllabus): 
    • Online synchronous meetings
    • Assignments/activities/tests revised for online environment
    • LATTE environment set up for remote teaching
  • Flexible (hybrid) teaching (requires intentional changes to the syllabus): 

    • Change course flow to allow students to meet synchronously online and in-class, as needed

    • Hybrid schedule of course meetings: synchronously meet one week in class, one week online or meet some weeks in class; other weeks, asynchronous sessions. or student group work without meeting but faculty and/or TAs holding office hours

    • Assignments/activities/tests revised for in-class or online work

    • LATTE environment set up as primary guide through flexible format

  • Fully online primarily asynchronous teaching (requires intentional changes to the syllabus)

    • Revise course for all online work ensuring elements support creating active and supportive online community

    • Develop course materials, including lectures (in shorter formats as described below) to be accessed online

    • Class meetings are optional and recorded

    • Assignments/activities/tests revised for fully online engagement

    • LATTE environment set up with focus on creating an online community

For more on this, the CTL has compiled a list of best practices and resources or for a quick guide, please refer to the Tools for Remote/Hybrid Teaching.