Michael Leung

2020 Outstanding UDR Award Recipient
Computer Science UDR

Being a UDR has meant many different things to me. It has meant being a mentor, an advisor, and a friend that students can relate to. I believe that it is important to make sure students know that a UDR is a student like them and that we are here for them. We serve the students, our respective departments, and the whole Brandeis community. As UDRs we must always push for reform so that both the department and students succeed together in unison.

Some items that I have accomplished during my time as a COSI UDR include successfully hosting the UDR initiative “Tools to Build Your Tech Resume” which was in collaboration with Brandeis Library’s Research, Technology, and Innovation group (RTI), helping with advertisement and building relations between tech clubs and organizations on campus with the COSI department, and helping students voice their ideas and opinions about classes to the COSI department.

To all the new UDRs, I am glad that you have accepted this role. There is a common thread that binds us all together and that is the desire to use our experience to help others. I feel that down to the core of the UDR program, the most important thing is that you truly want to help guide others in a good direction. If you ever feel lost or do not know what to do, remind yourself why you wanted to be a UDR. The advice you say to others has more meaning to them than you realize.