Renee Korgood

2020 Outstanding UDR Award Recipient
Politics UDR
Social Sciences Division Lead UDR

Being a UDR for the politics department over the past two years has been so incredibly rewarding, as I got to learn from and guide my peers through a satisfying and rigorous intellectual experience. In addition to advising students 1:1 on class selection, major declaration and study abroad options, I was able to host events that gave students the opportunity to chat with professors about current events and their own passions. I’m particularly proud of our Hot Cakes and Hot Takes event, which we held after the 2018 midterms and after Super Tuesday 2020 to discuss the implications that each election had for US politics and what we were learning in our classes. I was also able to host letter-writing workshops, where we partnered with advocacy organizations such as the ACLU of Massachusetts and MassEquality to discuss state legislation and how to effectively reach out to your legislator. This past year, we also hosted career-related workshops with Hiatt for searching for internships and writing cover letters. These gave students (myself included!) an opportunity to meet with their peers and with career counselors to learn more about the many, many paths open to you as a Politics student or graduate.

The UDR experience has been incredibly rewarding. I think that UDR’s are really well-positioned to be a conduit for change in their departments, and can voice student concerns and desires and ultimately improve a department. My biggest piece of advice to current and future UDR’s would be to think big about what you can do for your fellow majors or minors. Initiatives do not need to be measured just by how many people came to an event; small groups of students having an incredibly fulfilling experience, or many students being reached by a new network, can both be examples of ways to strengthen your department. Be innovative about ways to connect with your peers, and follow your instincts!