UDR Recognition Prize

Each semester, the School of Arts and Sciences awards UDR Recognition Prizes to those undergraduate departmental representatives who have spearheaded exemplary UDR-sponsored events, programs and initiatives.

Recipients and a faculty member of their choice can select a book, with a maximum value of $20, that they would both want to read.  The UDR program will order a copy of the book for each of them and have it mailed to the recipient and faculty member.

Fall 2019 Recipients

Maya Barton-Zuckerman and Wanchen Zhao, Psychology

Major Initiatives

  • Careers in Mental Health. Informed students of mental health careers options, ways to pursue a career in mental health and the differences between advanced degrees in psychology.
  • Psychology Research Night. Served as a way for students to learn about various types of psychology research and the labs that exist at Brandeis.
  • Film Series: Taste Tripping. Participants learned about the psychology of taste through a film viewing followed by a lecture by Professor Katz.  The event included a unique taste tripping experience.
  • Student Interest Listserv. The purpose of this listserv, which is controlled, run, and monitored by the UDRs is to have direct communication with students that are interested in psychology but are not yet declared as a major/minor. UDRs made announcements about the listserv and how to sign up for it in all introductory psychology courses.
Haia Bchiri and Rachel Greene, Theater Arts

Major Initiatives

  • Theater Accessibility.  Conducting a poll regarding accessibility in the department and ways in which to improve to cater to a more diverse audience in terms of ability. Results of the poll will be discussed with the faculty to determine how to implement the findings.
  • Annual Free Senior Headshots. Partnering with a local professional photographer to provide free headshot photos to seniors within the theater major to use as they leave college and enter the professional world.
  • New Play Reading. Casting and reading of a new play for a local playwright and alum.
  • Brandeis Theater Department Season Selection. UDRs joined the committee of Theater Arts faculty to represent the students and their interests in choosing next year's Theater Department season of plays.
  • Climate Change Theater Action. In collaboration with Theater Arts staff, are working with on-campus comedy organizations to create a Comedy for a Cause evening to benefit climate change efforts.