We were once again impressed with all our applications for our fourth UDR Recognition Prize and have selected our winner:

Haley Coopersmith, Fine Arts - History of Art

Being a UDR for the Fine Arts Department for the past two years has been a wonderful experience. I have met so many other majors and minors and had some fantastic conversations about the arts at Brandeis. Over the course of the school year, the Fine Arts UDRs planned a variety of events. We have hosted two Meet the Majors, a contemporary video night, a Halloween costume party, two sessions of advising hours, a video night for the Curatorial Interns’ Disrupted Spaces exhibition in the library, and a Remis Summer Study Grant info session.

This spring, our meet the majors was called "Sculpt Your Major" and we provided pizza and clay so that people could come hang out, but also make art. Professor Susan Lichtman was there to help people declare their majors. Our contemporary video night was co-sponsored by the Rose's Curatorial Interns, and we showed a film by Ori Gersht and had snacks. Office Hours were very casual; I sat in a classroom in Goldman-Schwartz and made myself available to students in person, on email, and on Facebook. For our Remis Info session, we had snacks and previous recipients of the Remis Grant coming to speak about what they used the money for.  After each of these events, students approached me saying how helpful/fun the event was. I am glad that the Fine Arts UDRs could be as helpful as we were.

The most innovative event we had this year was our Halloween Costume Party in Chums. Two weeks before Halloween, the Fine Arts UDRs invited the entire campus community to turn their dorm rooms into studio spaces and create unique costumes for a night of dancing and costume contests.  We transformed Chums Coffee House into a Haunted House and brought in a DJ and a Zombie performer.  At the end of the night, we had a costume contest and gave awards for the most creative and unique costumes.

Everyone had so much fun and people really went all out in what they wore! It was so exciting seeing some of the wearable art that people came in.  Many students approached the UDRs throughout the night to tell us how much fun they were having and to describe how they made their costumes.  I hope that this event happens again next year!!! It encouraged art making on campus and was a great stress buster during midterm season.