Common Event Costs

The following cost estimates for event services and equipment will assist you in planning your next function. Prices listed here are subject to change; confirm costs with University Events.

Personnel Services

Service Approximate Cost Notes
Custodial $250 per 4-hour shift Custodians are required at all events that occur outside of normal business hours and that include food and or room set-up.
Public safety $225 per officer per 4-hour shift Public safety will likely be required at your event if you are expecting more than 50 guests, the event is in any way controversial or if it features a speaker that requires security. Public safety is required at all events where alcohol is to be served.
Waitstaff $125 per 2-hour shift If your event is catered by Brandeis Hospitality, you may need waitstaff.

Rental Equipment*

Equipment Approximate Cost
Tables Round, $7.50-$14 each; long, $7-$8 each
Chairs 90 cents to $7 each
Pipe and drape $30 per 10-foot section ($3 per foot, 10-foot minimum)

* All rent arrangements should be made through University Events. Each rental order is subject to a $33 pick-up and delivery fee.

Audio-Visual Equipment**

Equipment/Service Estimated Cost Discounted Cost to Clubs
Projector $75 $25
Wired microphone $15 Free
Small-venue sound system $75 $25
Projection screen $10 Free
Use of installed projection $35 $25
Delivery $33 $25

** Prices listed here are estimates and should be confirmed with media technology services. Contact University Events if you require additional equipment. There may be additional operator charges.