Publicity and Promotion

Once you have planned your initiative, it's time to get the word out to the campus community. Some methods of publicity to consider include:

Campus Advertising

• Brandeis Events Calendar: Submit listings to

• The Brandeis Hoot: Visit

• The Justice: Send email to

• WBRS Radio: Visit

Class Announcements

Be sure to first request permission of the instructor.

Email Announcements

• Your department/program’s listserv.

Student Union announcement.

Flyers and Posters

• View the Campus Posting Policy.

• The Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences will copy up to 50 flyers on colored paper for free.


Recognized clubs and organizations may stuff mailboxes to advertise upcoming events by filling out a Mailbox Stuffing Request Form at the department of student activities.

Sidewalk Chalking

Use fun and colorful chalk drawings on well-traveled pathways. Only sidewalks may be chalked. Chalking on buildings and personal or university property — buildings, cars, bus shelters, signs, etc. — is not permitted.

Social Media

Create a Facebook event, post to the department/program Instagram, and/or submit a request to be promoted on the general UDR instagram page.

Tabling/Ticketing Sales

Limited tabling space is available on a first-come, first-served basis in Lower Usdan (contact the department coordinator in the department of student activities for reservations) and the Shapiro Campus Center. If you are interested in selling or distributing tickets from the Shapiro Theater ticket booth, please contact the operations specialist in the department of student activities.