KC Hayes

Professor of Biology Emeritus, Department of Biology

At Brandeis since 1993

I am currently working on Type 2 Diabetes, formerly in fats and oils, cholesterol metabolism…Smart Balance [Brandeis butter :>)] herein pursuing a SearchForSoul, which explores the Keats hypothesis that "Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty; that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."

I try to capture Beautiful Truths and translate them in verse form for you, the recipient interpreter, such that my Soul shines thru to yours in SoulTalk. Maybe you see/feel my Soul, maybe you don't, but in that exchange you will expose your Soul to new adventure, at the very least.....assuming i have done my part correctly, and you are a willing listener.

Love (Agape, or empathic Caring) is the only Truth....mine for you, yours for me thru SoulTalk in an intimate exchange that is beyond romance (Eros). But even that is a conundrum because Love means so many things to different folks. Though we may never truly know what LOVE is, it matters not, because the pursuit of Love's ephemeral Beauty (thru soulful exchanges) is the Secret to joyous living, or so I believe. Sharing and Caring. That is what Living is all about. Finding Time to do it meaningfully is the challenge we all face. ...and 'i'm unanimous in that opinion' :>)


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