Living Room Fest Gallery

Welcome to the Create@Brandeis Living Room Fest gallery! The artists whose work is on display here comprise Brandeis staff, faculty, undergraduates, graduate students and alumni. They have shared photography, video, paintings and drawings, as well as informal talks on their art and their process. Enjoy this intimate encounter with a remarkable group of artists, and be sure to visit their websites and social media.


I am a Resident Scholar at the WSRC focusing on documentary filmmaking and digital media. I have a background in broadcast journalism and an MA in Mass Communication from Emerson College.

Watch Ornit's videos.

I have been drawing these designs of viruses, plague doctors and toilet paper from Covid quarantine.

See art by Paul.

I teach courses that focus on movement and dance for the theater. I am drawn to the mystery of image and how color, shape and movement coexist on the paper.

See art by Susan.

Visit the sculpture studio of Donna Dodson, a visiting scholar at the Women's Studies Research Center. Her current research is on Amazons ancient, modern and contemporary.

Watch Donna's video.

Rayelle Gardner ’20 collaborated with Brandeis’ black singers, poets, painters and creators in a video exploration, with original music, of the emotional experiences and creative expressions of black women and femme folk.

Watch Rayelle's video.

Working to live or living to work has been my focus over the last several years. For too many of my years, I worked at Brandeis in order to live. I have tried to shift my thinking by cultivating my passion for photography.

See art by Stephanie.

I've taught at Brandeis for over 45 years. My lab works on “how your cells fix their broken chromosomes.” A lot of my photography has been linked to trips I have taken to conferences and to present seminars in interesting places.

See art by Jim.

I try to capture Beautiful Truths and translate them in verse form for you, the recipient interpreter, such that my Soul shines thru to yours in SoulTalk.

See art by KC.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, I received a Bachelor of Arts in art education from Marshall University, as well as my Master of Arts in counseling from the same institution.

See art by Dennis.

I created a short horror film exploring the ontology of the image, presence versus absence and the essence of being.

Watch Kwesi's movie

I work to archive the history of Brandeis University and to paint or collage my thoughts and ideas. As a self-taught artist, I made this video to share what I’ve learned about the process and technique of using acrylic and oil paints.

Watch Maggie's video.

I been creating art and art cards with marble paper for seven years. I'm the lead gallery attendant at the Rose Museum.

See art by Aaron.

As bassist, composer and bandleader, his projects include a suite for his jazz trio, and the Lydian String Quartet, documented on his critically acclaimed CD “Simplicity”. He is director of the Brandeis Jazz Ensemble and an artist in residence in music at New England Conservatory.

Watch Bob's videos.

I am displaying my pictures in a slideshow I'm calling "Color Pop!" The theme of my slideshow is comparing the before and after versions of the pictures, showing the pop of color I added in each of them.

See art by Cyril.

Research Associate II, Heller School Institute for Behavioral Health

See art by Carol.

The following audio works are from the students of Mus 40b: Audio Culture and Digital Sound Production in the spring 2020 semester, taught by Jeremy Rapaport-Stein.

Listen to the audio works.

I am interested in the power of artifacts to tell the stories of people who are no longer here. I am not documenting real people; rather, I’m intrigued by story suggestions triggered by the objects I’ve found.

See art by Naomi.

Ellen is the department coordinator in the Department of Romance Studies. "My current work follows two paths. "La Torre Rosada" represents my narrative paintings. The second path is a new project this year: an installation of paintings in which my friends choose a portrait from the past, and I combine the original with the image of my friend."

See art by Ellen.

I am on the staff of the Department of Fine Arts. While I'm immersed in images from throughout art history on the job, when I'm not working I am endlessly fascinated by the patterns found in nature, particularly around bodies of water.

See art by Jennifer.

Before becoming a graphic designer, I worked as a processing archivist at Harvard University and the University at Buffalo. I have a master’s degree in library science and archival studies from Simmons College, and a certificate in graphic design from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

See art by Jessica.

Marie Wheeler, a student in the Brandeis post-baccalaureate program in studio art, talks about what inspired her mixed-media drawing "Ballerinas and Broccoli" and how she adapted her studio practice after relocating to her home.

See art by Marie.

Students in Prof. Aida Yuen Wong’s class reflect on “Routes and Roots,” several extending to thoughts on the Coronavirus pandemic.

See calligraphy seminar art.

From the Ground Up: A Newcomer’s Look at Hip Hop is many things, but most importantly, it is an artist exploration of the rich history of rap and hip hop.

See art by Ashley.