Naomi Ribner

Digital Communications Associate, Office of Communications

At Brandeis since 2019

I am interested in the power of artifacts to tell the stories of people who are no longer here. I am not documenting real people; rather, I’m intrigued by story suggestions triggered by the objects I’ve found. This series was initially inspired by my travels through ghost town ruins and subsequent “research” in attics and basements closer to home. These works explore memory and the passage of time. They are constructed in layers within the 3-dimensional space of a deep wooden box with a hinged glass lid and padlock, inside which the artifacts are preserved, along with the memories they evoke.


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Ghost Town Artifact: The Keys

A locked wooden box with a white glove on top

Ghost Town Artifact: Stella’s Glove

A candlestick

Ghost Town Artifact: The Candlestick

A chair

Ghost Town Artifact: The Chair


Ghost Town Artifact: The Concertina