Ellen Rounseville

Program Coordinator, Department of Romance Studies

At Brandeis since 2007

My current work follows two paths. "La Torre Rosada" represents my narrative paintings, more of which you can see on my website. The second path is a new project this year: an installation of paintings in which my friends choose a portrait from the past, and I combine the original with the image of my friend. These are the first paintings in the new series.


Click on a thumbnail to display a larger version of the work.

Painting of a woman with flowers covering her head

Andrea Cáceres as Flora (c. 1589). Original painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526–1593), oil on panel.

Painting of a woman holding a baby animal

Emily Daggett Smith as Young Woman with Unicorn (c.1505). Possibly Giulia Farnese, original painted by Raphael (1483–1520), oil on panel.

Painting of a man dressed up like a matador

Guillermo Caballero Ferreira (Brandeis ’20) as Edward VI (1537–1553). Oil on panel.

Painting of people trying to climb a column with a ladder

La Torre Rosada. Oil on panel.

Painting of a man wearing a hat

Scott Rockwell Keightley as François Rabelais (1494–1553). Oil on panel.