Best Practices for Live Digital Presentations

Greetings! We’re excited that you’ll be part of Create@Brandeis Living Room Fest! Here are our recommendations for how to give the best possible presentation and engage successfully with folks tuning in at home.


We require that any participants livestreaming as part of the Fest participate in a rehearsal with program staff. This will be an opportunity for you to practice your project during a real (semi-private) livestream, as well as work out how to start and stop the stream, where to place the camera, test sound quality, and review the structure of the program. 

Sound Quality

If any sound (speech, music, etc.) is part of your presentation, we want to make sure that people viewing can hear it. Here are some tips for getting the best possible sound quality.

Using a microphone is a great way to pick up the right sounds. You don’t need a fancy mic! Many Bluetooth headphones or earbuds have built-in microphones that are great for live streaming. If you don’t have an external microphone, the mic on your phone, computer, or tablet will be fine.

On-Site Production Coordinator

If you are self-isolating with anyone else, consider deputizing them to be your On-Site Production Coordinator (OSPC)! OSPCs are helpers that do things like hold the phone or camera for you, make sure that what you want people to see is in the shot, monitor the chat (if your stream has chat enabled) and relay questions and requests to you,  serve as a point of contact for festival staff during the stream, if necessary, keep an eye on the time, and provide moral support and cheering-on during the performance.

If possible, we’d like your OSPC to attend your rehearsal session as well.


Here are some tips to make sure the camera captures your stream in its best light!

Intros and Outros

When it’s time to wrap up, you can mention other projects or performances you’re involved in, share information about recordings or podcasts, etc. You can also give a shout to people who have helped you, or to another artist in the fest that you’re looking forward to seeing.