Portable Window at Brandeis

Rolling the wheel up Rabb steps

Sienna Bucu, April 29


Stephanie Van Riet, May 1

raku pottery firing at Brandeis

Tory Fair, April 30

rolling up a grassy hill

Abigail Parsons, April 29

paintings seen from the floor

Ashley Young, April 28

Tulips seen from ground level

Dahlia Matanky, April 27

Outside of Goldman-Schwarz art studios

Brian Gan, April 26

Stephanie does a cartwheel in front of Light of Reason at the Rose Art Museum

Stephanie Van Riet, April 22, 2022

portable window video

Videos by Leah Nashel and Josh Taylor-Kraus, April 13, 2022.

Mello in Portable Window frame

Mello Wilsted, April 15, 2022

video of inside of Shapiro Campus Center

Ingrid Schorr, April 14, 2022