Recent Awards

For the 2019-20 academic year, the Brandeis Arts Council awarded grants to the departments of fine arts, theater arts, and music to support the following programs:

Travel to art museums around New England

A raku pottery workshop

Creation of a lighting studio for digital media

A workshop and performance of late medieval music

A residency by the ensemble Betsayda Machado of Venezuela

An intensive workshop in immersive theater

An alumni career series in theater arts

Travel to the 2019 Venice Biennale for students in the Brandeis in Siena program

See a video from the Brandeis Chamber Singers' 2019 European tour, made possible by a grant from the Brandeis Arts Council.

Brandeis Arts Council

The Brandeis Arts Council provides grants to support outstanding performances, exhibitions and programs in the Division of Creative Arts. The Council’s mission is to enhance the quality, impact and vitality of the arts at Brandeis through the combined annual contributions of its members.

Council grants support exceptional creative and educational opportunities for artistic development that directly benefit students. The Council is dedicated to fostering the excellence of the fine arts, music and theater arts departments, as well as a shared vision for the arts at Brandeis. Whether enriching the experiences of students specifically studying the arts or engaging non-majors in memorable creative opportunities, the Brandeis Arts Council has transformed our campus.

  • The council is composed of 20 to 25 members selected from alumni, parents and friends. The council meets annually on campus, and informally each fall in New York City. 
  • Arts Council members each give an annual gift of $5,000 and serve for a two-year term. The Council’s combined gifts provide a collective pool of funds to support the Division of Creative Arts through grants awarded each spring.
  • Every year the faculty of the departments of fine arts, music and theater arts are invited to submit grant applications for support. The Council receives these applications in advance of the annual meeting in March. 
  • At its annual meeting, the council decides how to allocate the Council’s funds. The Council’s decisions are shared with the provost for final approval.
  • During their campus visit, Council members meet with students, faculty and staff, attend campus arts events and engage in conversation about the role of the arts in education.

Brandeis Arts Council Members

David Ash '73, P '06
Kimberly Ash '06
Harvey Baumann '64
Alison Judd '04
Penny Pressman Bernstein '68
Michelle Bratsafolis '79
Stephanie Elkind '80 
Kathy Ennis '72
Susan Hurwitz Fink '85
George Krupp
Monica Harris '89
Manja Lyssy
Amy Merrill '69
Nancy Starr Raphael '57
Ellen Freeman Roth '80
Mindy L. Schneider '75
Jolie E. Schwab '78
Barbara Cantor Sherman '54, P'83
Ann Tanenbaum '66

For more information, contact Ingrid Schorr in the Office of the Arts at 781-736-5008 or