What should I post?

Create@Brandeis on Instagram is a space for anything your creative mind wants to share in the form of pictures, music or videos. You might post:

  • a few words or beats
  • a photograph
  • a science experiment
  • a piece of original music
  • a moment of dance or theater performance


The Create@Brandeis Instagram feed was launched on August 31, 2018, as a place for anyone in the Brandeis community (students, staff, faculty or alumni) to share their original creative works.

Just tag your social media images with #createatbrandeis to be posted to Create@Brandeis.

The goals of this space are to help us build a sense of creative community and understanding across academic interests, and to spark opportunities for collaboration.

You are welcome and encouraged to post a photo of yourself with your work! Seeing you helps deepen our compassion and understanding of one another on campus.

No judgment: This is NOT a curated page. ALL posts are welcome except for hateful or violent content.

Questions? Email Ingrid Pabon, ipabon@brandeis.edu.