On-Campus Opportunities

Legal Studies Practicum: Experiences with Justice

The LGLS Practicum (LGLS 145A) is a two-credit course that provides students of all disciplines a foundational understanding of the prison industrial complex and the collateral consequences of incarceration. Undergraduate and graduate students alike are granted placements at a variety of institutions looking to do restorative work in the field of incarceration. The course consists of readings and mixed media assignments meant to prompt reflection and conversation about how higher education can play a role in reforming a broken criminal justice system. As a requirement of the practicum, students gain experiential learning and apply the principles of the class into the praxis of their lives.

BEJI Reading Group

This is an all-campus reading group for anyone who would like to learn and talk about carceral issues. We meet once or twice a month. Readings include memoir, legal analysis, poetry, art criticism, political theory, and history. Open to everyone. To join the email list about upcoming meetings, contact John Plotz at plotz@brandeis.edu.

Media Working Group

The Media Working Group is a student-led initiative. The media team is responsible for the BEJI newsletter, Twitter, and all other forms of social media and outreach on behalf of the BEJI. To join the Media Working Group, please email Rosalind Kabrhel at rkabrhel@brandeis.edu.