UDR Peer Advising

The Brandeis Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs) are a group of juniors and seniors whose job it is to advise, plan events, and generally be a resource for their fellow majors. The 2020-2021 UDRs are Lance Babcock ’21 and Maggie Wang '21. 

Meet the 2020-2021 Biochemistry UDRs

Lance Babcock, UDR
Lance Babcock
Lance Babcock is a senior and is projected to complete a BS/MS in Biochemistry, BS in Neuroscience, minor in Psychology, and a minor in Chemistry. Since Fall 2018, he has worked in the Duclos Lab in the Biological Physics department, studying the effect of chaotic flows on protein self-organization. Lance is the President of the Brandeis Biochemistry Club, a member of the Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo), a lead CPR Instructor with BEMCo, a Community Advisor, a tutor with General Tutoring, a member of Habitat for Humanity, and a volunteer with Waltham Group Blood Drive at Brandeis.

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Maggie Wang
Maggie Wang
Biochemistry Undergraduate Department Representative (UDR)

Maggie Wang is a senior double majoring in Biochemistry and Economics. She is interested in the pharmaceutical and plastic surgery industries. She has worked in the R&D lab in Unilever, because of her interests in dermatology. She has also helped to design a special health care app for females which has launched for more than 2 years. She used to be a gateway mentor. Her main interests outside of academics are classical music, drawing, tennis, and French.

If you are thinking about various possibilities in the Biochemistry field, planning your schedule for the future, and thinking between majors, she will be happy to help you out and answer all your questions.

You can also meet up with her to talk about cool drugs and medicines, the latest medical aesthetics treatments, and more.

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