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BOLLI Digital Fellows

BOLLI engages talented graduate students and faculty as Digital Fellows to lead lecture series and study groups online. This teaching has enriched the BOLLI program inestimably, and from all reports, the intellectual life of the Fellows as well. Our Digital Fellows have brought us courses on classical and popular music, Jewish studies, and art history and the list grows.

BOLLI is grateful to count these talented individuals as part of its Brandeis community.


Ruth EzraRuth Ezra

PhD candidate, Art History, Harvard University

Spring 2020, Summer 2020

 “I learned to stay true to what I wanted to accomplish and couldn’t please everyone.   Overall I feel a lot more confident about teaching online in the future and I am glad to have had an opportunity to try out an ambitious course with supportive staff.“ 


Gil HarelGil Harel

Assistant Professor of Music, Naugatuck Valley Community College

Summer 2020

"Leading a BOLLI course is always a tremendously rewarding experience, as it affords me a chance to prepare material and present to intellectually curious 'students' who invariably broaden my horizons in return.”


Lindsay KingLindsay King

PhD, Modern Jewish History, UCLA

Spring 2020, Fall 2020

 "Teaching at BOLLI has been an opportunity for me to think about why it is important to study history at all ages and stages of life."


Jared Redmond

Jared Redmond

Lecturer in Music Composition and Theory, Seoul National University

Spring 2020, Fall 2020

"Teaching at BOLLI is always an opportunity for me to dive deeper into music which I thought I already knew very well, and then, unfailingly, to be challenged, surprised, made curious, and enriched by the broad knowledge and experience of the lovers of music and culture in my courses."


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