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Fall 2021 Course Schedule | Friday

Most Fall courses will take place online, however those marked in person will take place at 60 Turner Street.  Learn more about our return to campus plan here.

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Fall 2021 courses will begin the week of September 20 and run through the week of November 29, with no class October 11 or November 23-25. 5a courses will begin the week of September 20 and end the week of October 19 for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday classes, and end October 25 for Monday courses. 5b courses will begin the week of October 25 for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday courses, and will begin November 1 for Monday classes. All 5b courses will end the week of November 29. Click here for the fall 2021 schedule.

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Time Class

Period 1
9:30 am to 10:55 am

The Assassination of JFK: What Really Happened?
Ollie Curme
*This is a hybrid course, with some particpants in person and some on Zoom.


 H&G6-10-Fri1   The Assassination of JFK: What Really Happened?

This hybrid class will consist of in-person participants and Zoom participants, all in a synchronous learning experience. This means that the class will be conducted with two kinds of students, approximately 10 online and 10 in a BOLLI classroom with the SGL. This class is a pilot project. Your experience will help us understand the potential of this learning modality. At the time of registration, please choose “in-person” or “online” from the course drop-down menu. Please understand that your choice represents a commitment to participate primarily in this fashion.

Study Group Leader (SGL) - Ollie Curme

Friday– Course Period 1 – 9:30 am to 10:55 am

10 week course - September 24 - December 3

 (No class November 26)

Description   What really happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963?  Conspiracy theorists blame the Mafia, LBJ, Castro, Russia, and the CIA, among many others.  The Federal government undertook several investigations and initially blamed Lee Harvey Oswald, and later determined there were several shooters.  In 1992 the Federal Government opened its archives and declassified millions of pages of formerly secret government documents.  Now, with online access to them, we can finally explore some of the controversies surrounding JFK’s death.  This course, part murder mystery, part historical review, and part biography of fascinating characters, will analyze the political pressures on the Warren Commission and reasons for the debate about its findings.  Using original government documents and critical analysis, it is hoped that you will form your own opinions as to what really happened in 1963.  The first half of the course will explore the facts of the case, based on witness testimonies and files from the Dallas Police Department, the FBI, and the CIA.  The second half of the course will look at means, motive, and opportunity for many of the most plausible suspects.  We’ll conclude the course with a debate, where each class participant can share their reasoning about their conclusions as to what really happened.

Readings   All course materials are available on the website: www.JFKWRH.com.

Preparation Time   2 hours per week of reading.  20 pages minimum plus links to additional web resources.

Biography  Ollie Curme has been retired since 2005.  He has long been a fan of President Kennedy.  This will be Ollie’s fourth year of teaching at BOLLI.  Ollie is a member of BOLLI’s Study Group Support Committee.

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