Chart of Accounts

Please note that beginning on July 1, 2014 the University is utilizing a new chart of account structure. 

Understanding a Chartstring

The Chartstring (or chargeline) of any transaction tells the "Who, What, Where and How" of the transaction posting to the University General Ledger. It provides details of any financial transaction taking place and includes the following:

Account-Fund-DeptID-Program-Project/Grant (if applicable)

Account Code: "What" Details the type of transaction. The account code will have 4 digits. Revenue account codes begin with 5XXX and expense account codes begin with 6XXX (Payroll related) and 7XXX (nonpayroll expenses). 

Fund Number: "Where" Classifies the restriction of the funding source. The fund number will have 2 digits.

Department ID: "Who" Owner of the transaction. The department ID will have 5 digits.

Program Number: "How" Details the funding source of the transaction. The program number will have 5 digits.

Project Number (if applicable): "What" A tracking mechanism for capital projects. The project number will have 9 digits.

Grant Number (if applicable): "What" A tracking mechanism for grants. The grant number will have 6 digits.

The list of account codes has been provided in the files and downloads section.

Department ID (“Dept ID”) Policy

1. Dept ID shall only be created if the budgeted expense exceeds $50,000 and there is no other dept ID that can absorb the expenses.

2. Dept ID that has less than $10,000 of expenses for three years in a row will be reviewed for consolidation with another dept ID.

3. In order to protect employee confidentiality, no dept ID shall have only one employee's salary and wages.

4. Dept ID shall not be created to track a specific event, vendor, project or program.

5. In order to request a dept ID, please complete the Department ID – Add/Modify Form and submit the form to General Accounting.