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Procurement Staff

John Storti
Director of Strategic Procurement
(781) 736-8686

Courtney Sampson
(781) 736-4266

Ellie Hunter
(781) 736-4484

Mark Jay
(781) 736-4505

Paola Briamonte
(781) 736-4510

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Approvals and Approval Delegates

Creating a requistion for a punchout supplier

Creating a free form requisition

Creating an order list

Creating a view for reporting

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MarketPlace+ is a new online ordering tool, for Brandeis University faculty and staff. This tool will allow users to purchase  goods and services through punchout catalogs or free form requisitions, creating a paperless ordering environment.

How does it work?

  • Identify the need
    • The requestor will identify the need for a good or service
  • Initiate the request
    • The requestor will log into MarketPlace+ and use the search tools to find the good(s) and/or service(s) desired
    • Select the correct vendor or form type (punchout supplier or free form requistion)
    • Initiate the request  by adding all good(s) and/or service(s) to cart
  • Complete all necessary fields
    • Enter all basic item information
    • Choose any optional fields which may apply for the requisition type
    • Add any additional approvers/watchers
    • Attach any required documents
    • Add notes to suppliers and/or approvers if necessary
  • Submit the requisition for approval
    • Approval chain, will be built based on who is doing the requesting as well as dollar amount of the total requisition
    • Once all approvals are met, a purchase order will be created
  • Purchase Order is sent to supplier by Procurement