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Text on Screen: Undergraduate Business Major

Video on screen: Professor Ed Bayone at his desk:
Text on screen reads: Ed Bayone, Earle W. Kazis Prof. of Finance and Intl Real Estate

ED BAYONE: In constructing a business major, you can build it so broad that it takes up almost an entire student's undergraduate experience. We didn’t want to do that. We wanted to create something that

Video on screen: Prof. Barone standing in front of a class: BAYONE: gave students a thorough introduction to all the business disciplines,

Videon on screen: Students in classroom

BAYONE: allow them to take some higher level courses

Video on screen: Prof. Bayone writing on whiteboard

BAYONE: but really give them the time to explore the rest of the academy

Video on screen: Prof. Bayone at Desk BAYONE: and what we really encourage is that dual major. We would love students to major in business and perhaps sociology and go into human resources management; art history go into curating; psychology go into marketing; economics, a natural double major - so that’s what we’re really encouraging students to do. What we didn’t want to do was have a textbook based business major. Life is not based on textbooks; it’s based on experiential learning.

Video on screen: Prof Bayone standing in front of whiteboard

BAYONE: and what the case method does is it replicates that;

Video on screen: Students in the classroom listening to Prof. Bayone

BAYONE: it gives you a limited amount of information and asks you to

Video on screen: Prof. Bayone standing in front of whiteboard

BAYONE: draw inferences from it and come up with possible strategies and there are lots of possible outcomes.

Video on screen: Students in the classroom listening to Prof. Bayone.

BAYONE: Some are good, some are bad, and what it does is it enables a class to really get a vibrant discussion going.

Video on screen: Prof. Bayone at whiteboard

BAYONE: Give and take with the professor, with each other, to drive towards a proposal that could work.

Video on screen: Prof. Bayone at desk

BAYONE: What we wanted to do was to integrate the business program into the liberal arts. We didn’t want it standing separate from it. This is a GREAT liberal arts university, and we want the students to be able to draw on that knowledge base and find ways to integrate it into their studies.

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