Guidance for Juniors

To: Business Majors who are seniors in the 2019-2020 Academic Year
From: Hagit Weihs, Honors Coordinator for the Business Program
Subject: Guidance on the Business Honors Program
Date: March 1, 2019

Dear Business Majors,

As registration for the new academic year approaches, I am distributing this memo to inform those of you who are interested in writing an Honors Project of the requirements and procedures of the program. Please read through this document.

I. Application Process and Enrollment

  1. An Honors Project in the Business Program may be one of the following alternatives:

*An enriched business plan is a business plan that contains a research component

  1. Business majors qualify to participate in the Business Honors Program if they meet all of the following requirements:
  1. To apply for admission to BUS 99a, a student must submit a one-page project proposal. The proposal should clearly state the type of project, the question(s) the project will address, and the methods and data to be used. The one-page proposal is due by 5 p.m. on Friday August 23, 2019 (the last Friday before Fall classes begin). There will be no exceptions to this deadline. Students who do not meet this deadline will not be allowed to enroll in BUS 99a, and will forfeit their chance of writing a senior Honors project in the Business Program. Proposals should be sent to me at with the subject heading HONORS PROJECT PROPOSAL.
  2. After reviewing the proposals, the Honors Program Coordinator will compile a list of student names and topics for discussion at the Honors Project ad-hoc committee. The committee will determine which project proposals are accepted into the program. As not all proposals are accepted, students should sign up for an additional course in case they are not able to enroll in BUS 99a. If the committee approves a proposal, the Honors Program Coordinator will attempt to assign a primary advisor and a second reader. If the search is successful and both a primary advisor and a second reader are assigned, the Honors Program Coordinator will provide the student with a code to enroll in BUS 99a. It is the student's responsibility to enroll in the course before the last day to add Fall classes.

II. Guidelines and Resources During the Project Process

  1. At least two meetings will be held in the fall semester of the program. The first meeting, which will be scheduled for a Friday between 12:30-2 p.m. on Friday, October 18 2019, will be an opportunity for students to get together with other BUS Honors students, exchange information on where to locate research resources, and so on. The second meeting, scheduled for Friday, December 6, 2019 between 12:30-3 p.m., will occur in groups of 3 or 4 students and their primary and secondary advisors. At the December meeting, Honors Project writers will formally present their work completed thus far. A written report that forms the background for the presentation is due on Nov. 29, 2019. In addition to the work completed and a summary of the results, this written report must contain a detailed list of resources relevant to the student's project. This draft must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Nov. 29, 2019 to the primary advisor, the second reader and the Honors Program Coordinator.
  2. On the basis of the presentation, the primary advisor, second reader and the Honors Program Coordinator will determine by December 20, 2019 whether the project is viable and whether the student should be allowed to enroll in BUS 99b for the spring 2020 semester. Projects that are not viable will be terminated at this stage; students may also choose to stop writing the project at this stage. If this course of action is chosen, the student (in consultation with the primary advisor) completes and submits a summary paper and receives independent study credit for BUS 99a for the fall semester. If the student is allowed to enroll in BUS 99b, the student must add BUS 99b to their Spring 2020 schedule. It is the student's responsibility to enroll in the course before the last day to add Spring classes.
  3. As with any class, BUS 99a can be dropped (refer to the academic calendar for the last day to drop without a W and with a W).
  4. Students should plan to meet at least once every two weeks with their primary advisor and at least once every eight weeks with their second reader.
  5. A BUS 99 website on Latte has been established to provide information about upcoming meetings, workshops and resources. It will also serve as a platform to share ideas and ask questions.
  6. The first draft of the project is due on March 6, 2020 and a second draft is due on March 27, 2020. Both drafts must be submitted to both primary advisors and second readers as well as the Honors Program coordinator. The drafts will be reviewed by both the primary advisor and second reader, and comments will be communicated to students within one week. Students should use the remaining weeks of the spring semester until April to incorporate the comments from their primary advisors and second readers; complete additional work; and edit their paper, as required.

III. Project Completion

  1. Final project presentations are scheduled for April 17, 2020*, 12:30-3 p.m..
  2. The student is responsible for emailing copies of the project to the primary advisors, second readers, HP coordinator and Karen Muise, by April 10, 2020.
  3. General format of final project: 30 pages with footnotes in an exhibit (or 35 pages with embedded footnotes), double spaced, Times New Roman, font size 11, 1" margins all around.
  4. After the presentations on April 17, 2020*, the student is responsible for incorporating all comments and corrections raised by the primary advisor and second reader into the final version. This final version of the project must be approved in advance by both the primary advisor and second reader, and then submitted to the Honors Program Coordinator by April 24, 2020.
  5. The BUS faculty will vote on the Honors Projects at the end-of-semester faculty meeting.

* Tentative

My role: As the Business Honors Coordinator, I will handle the paperwork (signatures on forms) and be the general "point" person for questions regarding procedures and requirements. For questions on the project itself, you will see your primary advisor or second reader.

Important Dates