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Interesting Fact: Berlin Chapel, Bethlehem Chapel and Harlan Chapel are located in the same area. All three chapels have a window wall facing Chapel's Pond and similar designs both inside and out.

The chapels were built in such a way so that when the sun sets, no one chapel casts a shadow on another.


Bethlehem ChapelBrandeis University is home to three chapels of differing faiths. Berlin Chapel, the largest of the three, is the Jewish house of worship. Bethlehem Chapel serves the university's Catholic community and Harlan Chapel serves the Protestant faithful. 

Berlin Chapel (Jewish)

Berlin Chapel can accommodate up to 130 guests. The chapel is used throughout the year for Orthodox Jewish student services, but is available on the weekend for bar/bat mitzvah services and Jewish wedding ceremonies. 

The chapel has its own Torah and 80 prayer books. Floor-to-ceiling windows on two walls bathe guests in a tremendous amount of sunlight, adding to the overall warmth of the facility.

Bethlehem Chapel (Catholic)

The Catholic chapel at Brandeis is a cozy place capable of accommodating up to 50 guests. Located furthest from the main road, Bethlehem Chapel provides a quiet place to host an intimate Catholic wedding ceremony or christening.

The chapel has its own small piano and floor-to-ceiling window wall, providing a beautiful view of Chapel's Pond. 

Harlan Chapel (Protestant)

The Protestant chapel on campus hosts a variety of Christian and nondenominational ceremonies during the year. Harlan Chapel, situated closest to the road for the maxium amount of accessibility, can accommodate up to 50 guests. Couples of any Christian faith or those who are not religiously affiliated are welcome to host their wedding ceremony here.

Harlan Chapel also has its own small piano and floor-to-ceiling window wall that provides a beautiful backdrop directly across from the altar. 

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