Reserving Space

Some departments on campus book locations that fall under their purview. The following chart details whom to contact in those instances.

For general questions on booking space, contact Conference and Events Services.

Booking location


Office/ Phone

Chapels Field

Hassenfeld Conference Center

North Quad Classrooms

Rabb Steps

Usdan Student Center

Conference and Events Services

Kutz 9

Great Lawn

Shapiro Campus Center

Shapiro Theater

Student Activities 

Space Requests

SCC 201

Any Residence Hall Common Space (inside or outside)

Quad Directors / Residence Life

Usdan G032

Swig Lounge

Intercultural Center


Rapaporte Treasure Hall Request Form


Deborah Rosenstein


Spingold Theater

J.B. Barricklo


Space for Recurring Meetings or Rehearsals

Many groups schedule weekly or monthly meetings or rehearsals that require little more than an empty room or classroom. Classroom spaces can be reserved after 6:45 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends. Many classrooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment (charges apply) and offer a convenient and economical option for presentations. Classroom set-ups cannot be altered and food is not permitted.

Multiple dates can be listed on one form as long as they are all part of the same event. Please distinguish among meetings, rehearsals and actual performances. Keep in mind dates of breaks and finals, as space may be extremely limited.

To reserve space, submit a request form to Conference and Events Services. This can be submitted online or in person.

All requests to reserve space in the Shapiro Campus Center should be directed to the Department of Student Activities.

Requests for space in the Shapiro Campus Center can be made via the Student Activities website.