Antisemitism/Anti-Israel Hostility on Campus

The Limits of Hostility: Students Report on Antisemitism and Anti-Israel Sentiment at Four US Universities
Graham Wright, Michelle Shain, Shahar Hecht, Leonard Saxe (December 2017)

Hotspots of Antisemitism and Anti-Israel Sentiment on US Campuses
Leonard Saxe, Graham Wright, Shahar Hecht, Michelle Shain, Theodore Sasson, Fern Chertok (October 2016)

Diversity, Pressure, and Divisions on the University of Pennsylvania Campus
Michelle Shain, Fern Chertok, Graham Wright, Shahar Hecht, Annette Koren, Richard J. Gelles (University of Pennsylvania), Leonard Saxe (October 2016)

All Together Separate: Race, Ethnicity, and Religion on the Brandeis campus
Leonard Saxe, Fern Chertok, Graham Wright, Michelle Shain, Shahar Hecht, Annette Koren, Theodore Sasson (May 2016)

Antisemitism on the college campus: Perceptions and realities
Leonard Saxe, Theodore Sasson, Graham Wright, Shahar Hecht (July 2015)

How Hard is it to be a Jew on College Campuses? Contemporary Jewry 28(1), 1-20. 
Charles Kadushin and Elizabeth Tighe (2008)