Brandeis University Commencement 2016

Music plays in the background.

Text on Screen: Brandeis University Sixty-Fifth Commencement Sunday, May Twenty-Second Two Thousand and Sixteen

Chairs set up in rows on a stage, each with a Commencement program propped up on the seat and a water bottle on the floor.

Two graduates pose for a photo taken by another graduate.

A person hands Commencement programs to people walking through a door.

(Speeded up) People walk into Gosman, where the Commencement ceremony will take place.

Camera pans to show people sitting in chairs and milling about.

(Speeded up) Students in caps and gowns walk down a hallway.

Text on Screen: Marshals of the Class of 2016

Students in caps and gowns walk in holding a banner that says “Brandeis 2016.”

(Speeded up) Aerial view of students in caps and gowns filing into Gosman.

A sea of graduation caps look toward the stage.

Text on Screen: Nyah Macklin ’16 “The Star Spangled Banner”

Nyah Macklin stands on stage in her cap and gown, singing The Star Spangled Banner.

Lisa Lynch walks toward the podium on the stage.

Lisa Lynch standing at the podium.

Lisa: “Your Brandeis education has prepared you well to take on the impossible, to not be a bystander. And thus, help prepare the world.”

Lisa Lynch takes a selfie from the podium.

Text on Screen: Frank Brandeis Gilbert

Lisa Lynch shakes hands with Frank Brandeis Gilbert as others on the stage clap.

Text on Screen: Julieanna L. Richardson ’76

Julieanna Richardson standing at the podium.

Julieanna: “That the most important thing that you can do in life is to find your passion. Now, they can be plural, they can be passions, but they cannot be bought at Starbucks or on Amazon or on Netflix. It can't be handed down from one generation to another or manufactured, but it may have been standing there staring you in the face the whole time.”

Aerial view of students in caps and gowns giving Julieanna Richardson a standing ovation.

Text on Screen: Joel Frederick Burt-Miller ’16 Undergraduate Student Address

Joel Burt-Miller standing at the podium.

Joel: “Finally, class of 2016, we have arrived at the finish line.”

Lisa Lynch speaking at the podium.

Lisa Lynch: “By virtue of the authority vested in me by the board of trustees of Brandeis University, I confer upon the stupendous you the degrees of bachelor of arts and bachelor of science with all of the rights, privileges, honors and dignities pertaining thereto.”

Graduates in caps and gowns throw their caps into the air.

Aerial view of graduates, some of whom are throwing their caps into the air.

Text on Screen: Congratulations Class of 2016!

Text on Screen: Produced by Caroline Cataldo