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Office of the Senior Vice President for Communications, Marketing and External Relations
Gryzmish Building
Room 103
MS 136
(781) 736-4200
(781) 736-4401 (fax)

Office of Communications
Gryzmish Building
MS 136
(781) 736-4200
(781) 736-4227 (fax)

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All phone numbers begin with 781-736-XXXX.

Dan Kim Senior Vice President for Communications, Marketing and External Relations 3993
Christina Walton Executive Administrator/Project Manager 3703
Brandeis Magazine
Laura Gardner Editor-in-Chief, Brandeis Magazine 4204
Susan Piland Managing Editor, Brandeis Magazine 4221
Digital Communications
Carrie Simmons Associate Director, Digital Communications 4224
Stephanie DeBoer Senior Digital Content Specialist 4228
Mary Horan Social Media Content Creator
Anne Meade Senior Digital Content Specialist 4223
Integrated Design
Deborah Wieder Director, Integrated Design 4222
Claudia Herman Editor/Special Projects Writer 4208
Jess Quirk Production Manager 4195
Jessica Tanny Senior Graphic Designer 4203
Integrated Media Relations
Julie Jette Assistant Vice President for Communications 4202
Jarret Bencks Senior Content and Marketing Communications Specialist 4212
Kennedy Ryan Content and Media Specialist
Photography and Video
Jonathan Duran Senior Video and Multimedia Producer
Mike Lovett University Photographer 4196
Strategic Communications
Laura Gardner Executive Director, Strategic Communications 4204
Lawrence Goodman Editor, Research and Scholarship 4027