Promoting Your Event

Student Event

Your website and outreach efforts are critical parts of event planning, whether you would like to increase attendance or raise awareness of your department/club. Given the high volume of events on campus, you should provide advance notice and an engaging description that persuades people to attend. Keep your audience in mind when scheduling the event time, i.e. when faculty or students are most likely available. You may use this guide as an event promotion checklist.

Update Your Department/Club Website

Include all relevant information: event title, date/time, location, speaker bio/link, and a brief, engaging description. This information is the most accessible (and searchable) when it is text on a web page – please do not post only a PDF or image of a poster/invitation. Providing an interesting title and background information on the speaker/performer will help generate interest.

For formatting samples, visit Example Events.

Event Collateral

Creative Services will collaborate with you to print/produce material for your event. To start the process, complete a Creative Services project request. This service is available for Brandeis faculty/staff and for university event promotions.

  • On average, projects require 6-8 weeks to complete. 1-5 posters cost $75 each; 6+ posters cost $65 each – prices are subject to change.
  • If you are creating your own posters or flyers, please follow seek guidance from the Office of Communications.

Submit Your Event to the Campus Calendar

The campus calendar is a resource for checking event conflicts, as well as an opportunity to showcase your department/club. The location must be reserved and details should be confirmed before submitting a calendar request. You should include all of the information mentioned above for your website. Although two weeks is best for event promotion, calendar requests must be submitted at least 5 business days in advance.

Social Media

Maintain an active presence on social media and include event information on department/club channels, e.g. Twitter and Facebook. If you create a Facebook event, do not limit access to the '' community, since some community members use credentials for Facebook. Be sure to include a good photo and brief event description, as well as links to the performer/speaker. Use #Brandeis on Twitter to increase visibility. For any social media questions, email Allie Morse,

Email and 1:1 Outreach

Define your target audience and consider potential co-sponsors to increase reach and attendance. Internal and external networking is key: Remember to send personal invitations (phone calls and emails).

If your department/club frequently hosts events, create a publicity listserv or mailing list, using an email-marketing tool like MailChimp. This listserv or mailing list should be separate from the one you use for internal communications to your department or club members. Community members receive many emails: Use a short, attention-grabbing subject line and persuasive text to generate interest.

To reach students

To reach faculty

  • Search the Faculty Guide to find and contact professors in related areas.
  • Check with the administrators of relevant academic departments to see if they can distribute your announcement via department listservs.

Campus Media

The Justice newspaper is published weekly on Tuesdays and available online. To pay for advertising, go to The Justice advertising. For more information, email or call 781-736-3750. The Hoot newspaper is published weekly on Fridays and available online. To pay for advertising, go to The Hoot advertising. For more information, email or call 781-330-0051.

Local Media

If your event is open to the public, you may submit a listing to local event calendars.

Office of Communications Coverage

The Office of Communications covers select events through BrandeisNOW, social media, photography and other channels. If you believe your event is of interest to a wide audience and highlights the strengths of the university, please email