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Review Your Content

Review & Update

With the spring semester behind us, now is the time to ensure your websites are up-to-date. We will not migrate your site until you have reviewed and updated your content.

  • Bios: Do faculty bios include the latest publications and research? Do staff bios need a refresh? If a UDR or student ambassador graduated, it is time to remove his/her bio.
  • Events & Dates: If an event has passed, move it to a past events page or delete it. Remove other references across your site. Tip: Past Events pages get very little traffic. Consider removing events that occurred beyond the past year or two.
  • Forms: Has the deadline for a scholarship application passed? Unpublish the form or change the date for next year.
  • Program / Services / Resources Information: Review your content to ensure that it is still accurate. If the information is no longer relevant, delete it. Check links to other resources and update as needed.
  • Documents and Multimedia: Documents uploaded to the new web templates must be accessible. Oftentimes, information contained within a PDF is more user friendly on a web page. Videos or audio content on your site should contain captions and/or transcripts for accessibility.