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Organize Your Files

As you prepare your site for the new website templates, we would like you to tidy up your site by focusing on two types of files: images and documents. Think of it as doing some virtual spring cleaning!

Why Organize?

Keeping your site organized will make the migration process faster. Group like with like: images (such as GIF, JPG or PNG) should all be in a folder and documents (such as PDF, Word or Excel) should all be in a folder. If there are images or documents in your main site folder, they must be moved into images or documents folders.



Images and documents are contained in like folders, making it easy to scan.

correct web structure

Images and documents must be moved into folders.

incorrect web structure

What You Need to Do

  • Review your site structure in the CMS. Are all images and documents in folders?
  • Move like images and like documents into folders (see the Zeta User Guide for instructions on Moving and Renaming).
  • Check the Relationships for every asset you move. You will see a list of what assets link to or display each asset. Republish all relationships to prevent broken links on your site (review Reminders about Move and Rename).

Reminders about Move and Rename

After you move or rename an asset, check its Relationships to determine the referring assets to republish. The Move and Rename functions are live changes, so please republish promptly to avoid broken links on your site.

Reminders about Asset Names

If you are renaming an asset, please familiarize yourself with these best practices to determine if you should change an asset's name:

Asset names should be short, descriptive, all lowercase and contain no spaces. Hyphens are the preferred method to separate words.

  • Correct: news-2016.pdf, nomination-form.doc, commencement.jpg, students-studying.jpg, march-speaker-event.jpg
  • Incorrect: news and events.pdf, Nomination Form.doc, Commencement05_22_2016.jpg, IMG_34926.jpg, 03 SPEAKER EVENT.jpg

Note: Renaming every image and document that does not follow best practices is not a requirement for migration at this stage.