Adding a Table

Tables are elements used to display information in grids.

Insert a table

Open the desired page in Edit/Content mode, and place your cursor where you wish to place the table. Click on Table in the menu, then move your cursor down to Table.

A little grid should open to the right, which allows you to select how many rows and columns you would like your table to have.

table menu

Set your table width

When your table appears, it will be squished. You'll need to set a width for the table. To do that, you'll need to select the table and apply a style to it:

  1. First, make sure your cursor is in the table.
  2. Using the code selector at bottom, click "table"

    code selector
  3. Under Formats -> Custom, select one of the table styles; each style represents a different width. table-395 would span the entire width of the Content area. table-590 is only for pages without a sidebar.

Table formats

Other table tools

Once you have created a table, simply click in the table to type your text. There are a number of tools to help you do things like add rows and columns:

Mini Table Menu

Whenever you click in a table, you'll see a mini Table Menu appear below the table. Use it to insert or delete rows or columns, or to edit Table Properties:

Table mini menu

Right-click Table Menu:

Another Table menu is brought up by right-clicking in the table. It has the same options as the Mini menu, plus: the ability to Cut rows and Paste rows; set Row Properties and Merge Cells. Plus you can insert a table within a table, create a link or insert an image.

Table menu

Set Table Properties

You can access Table Properties from either the mini Menu above, or from the Content Area Menu Bar.

Table Properties

  • The Width and Height settings are over-ridden by the style you chose above.
  • Cell padding is the amount of space around cell contents;
  • Cell spacing is the space between cells;
  • Border is the thickness of the table border
  • Caption: if checked, a special row appears at the top of the table where you can type a caption
  • Alignment: If your table is narrower than the Main Content Area width, you can align the table to left or right and have body text flow around your table.
  • When you are done adjusting table settings, click OK.
Note: If you don’t see the right-click table menu, open Firefox Preferences. On the Content tab, click the Advanced button to the right of Enable JavaScript. Check the box next to Disable or replace context menus, click OK and restart Firefox.