Celebration of Service

2019 Celebration of Service Medal Winners

At our Annual Celebration of Service, the Department of Community Service honors the hard work and service that all of our Brandeis members and partners have done during the year. We invite students, faculty, staff and partners who have engaged with the Waltham community to come share their stories, meet others involved in service, and celebrate our commitment to engaging our community.

Join us for the 2020 Commitment to Service awards ceremony, live music, delicious hors d’oeuvres, guest speakers and more. Kosher and vegetarian options will be available. We encourage all students to invite their faculty, staff, peers, and partners to celebration their dedication to our community. This is a truly wonderful event that marks an important tradition on our campus.

The Celebration of Service is co-sponsored by the Department of Community Service and the Waltham Group. The Commitment to Service medals are presented at the annual Celebration of Service event each April.

Apply to be a Featured Speaker

Are you a good public speaker? Have something to say about service? Apply to be a featured speaker at the annual Celebration of Service event. One exceptional student leader will be chosen to give a 5-7 minute speech about engaging in service with the Waltham.

2019 Celebration of Service Awards Ceremony

The 2019 Celebration of Service was a major success. Over 140 students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni gathered in Sherman Function Hall to celebrate the various accomplishments of students who excelled in community service in the 2018-2019 school year. In addition to a sit-down dinner, the evening included entertainment options such as a live jazz band, a photo booth and a creative reflection project for each table. Companions to Elders coordinator Abigail Gardener was our student speaker. 

We ended the wonderful evening by honoring the 2019 Commitment to Service medal winners. The 49 winners honored completed 34,168 hours of service over their four years, which is a $868,892.24 impact for our local and global communities, according to the Independent Sector. The theme of the evening was "classy fun," and a classy, fun celebration was indeed had by all!

Gold Medal Winners
  • Ilana Bauman 
  • Francesca Bragg 
  • Katherine Dorfman
  • Jonathan Goldman
  • Matthew Stenerson
  • Muibat Yussuff
Silver Medal Winners
  • Mina Bond
  • Julia Brown
  • Venessa Duodu
  • Lily Eligator
  • Sophie Gordon 
  • Emily Glovin 
  • Nakeita Henry
  • Emily Kessler
  • Rachel Lederer
  • Madie Lefkowitz
  • Josh Lepson
  • Ariella Levisohn 
  • Frankie Marchan 
  • Rachel Marcus
  • Janice Nam 
  • Nina Rosenblatt
  • Michelle Yan
Bronze Medal Winners
  • Orlee Anina
  • Grace Barredo
  • Abby Bergman
  • Krithika Chagari
  • Melanie Charwat
  • Steven Chen
  • Lauren Chin
  • Luyi Dai
  • Maya Fields
  • Kirsten Frauens
  • Abigail Gardener
  • Meredith Gee
  • Orly Goldberg
  • River Heisler
  • Micaela Kaplan
  • Mara Khayter
  • Yair Koas
  • Alek Kopulsky
  • Trevor Lee
  • Allison Lewis
  • Sankirth Madabhushi
  • Alitza Maarek
  • Maddie Marx
  • Jared Martin
  • Benjamin Merker
  • Lucy Miller-Suchet
  • Viraj Moholkar
  • Khushee Nanavati
  • Arinn Polinsky
  • Katherine Reinhold
  • Dariana Resendez
  • Sage Rosenthal
  • Joyce Serebrenik Sultan
  • Sumana Shashidhar
  • Jacqueline Smith
  • Maegann Stafford
  • Akshiti Todi
  • Annie Tsai
  • Wendy Yang
  • Lisa Yuan
  • Ilana Zweig