Celebration of Service

2019 Celebration of Service Medal Winners

2021 Virtual Celebration of Service Ceremony 

Join the Department of Community Service on Sunday, May 2nd from 6:30pm - 7:30pm ET for our 2021 Virtual Celebration of Service! Come celebrate our 2021 senior Commitment to Service Award winners and recognize all of the amazing community work our volunteers have engaged in over the past year. Join your fellow service leaders, CTSA medal winners, Brandeis community members, family, & friends in this virtual celebration! RSVP to join the celebration!

Commitment to Service Award Bash  

Monday, May 3rd 11-1

Commitment to Service Award Medalists, it's time to celebrate YOU! Please join us Monday, May 3rd from 11 am - 1 pm EST in the SCC Great Lawn Tent at our Commitment to Service Award Bash! This event honors our senior CTSA medalists, who have recorded over 300 hours of service during their time here at Brandeis. Stop by to receive your Commitment to Service Award Medal and Certificate, take a picture in front of the Brandeis backdrop and reflect on your journey through service!

2020 Celebration of Service Awards Ceremony

The 2020 Celebration of Service took on a new twist this year, as we celebrated virtually during National Volunteer Appreciation Week. Community Partners and Brandeis Community members, including campus administrators and student leaders, came together to honor all of the incredible service students engaged in over the past year and truly thank our volunteers for the positive impact they had on our local community, with the first ever Celebration of Service Video. In addition to the video, we highlighted the various accomplishments of our service clubs with several infographics that demonstrated the incredible impact they had this year. During National Volunteer Appreciation Week, we also celebrated the 2020 Commitment to Service Award Medalists. Over the course of their four years at Brandeis, our 53 Medalists (13 Gold, 16 Silver, & 24 Bronze) completed 32,876.57 hours of service and had a $836,051.175 economic impact for our local and global communities.

Celebration of Service virtual celebration

Celebration of Service Virtual Celebration

2020 Celebration of Service virtual video with videos from staff, community partners and students!