Award Program Reflection Essay

Students who do reach one of the awarded hour levels are required to submit a reflection essay at the end of their senior year to complete the program. Written reflection is a powerful way to document your learning and enhance your service experience.

We encourage you to complete this reflection at any point during your experience where you felt the greatest amount of development. Please do not save this to the very end.

Please use the questions below as a guide for writing your reflection essay. In addition to reflecting on your service work, please reference the Commitment to Service program in your essay and how your enrollment in the program contributed to your overall experience while at Brandeis.


  1. What were your main service activities during your college career? What are some of the highlights of your service experiences?

  2. What prompted your decision to log your service hours with the CTS Program? What impact has participating in this program had on you?

  3. What is the most significant thing you have learned a) about yourself and b) about the community in which you served through your service endeavors?

  4. How will you continue to stay engaged in service after graduation?

  5. How has your volunteer work impacted your values or career path?

  6. Tell us a story about the connection you made during you service experience that has most significantly impacted you.

Format and Submission

Please follow the format below when writing and submitting your reflection paper.

  1. Essays should be no less than one page in length and should not exceed three pages.

  2. The font should be 12 point Times New Roman.

  3. The essays can be single spaced or 1.5 spaced.

  4. Use standard one inch margins.

  5. Make sure that your full name is included at the top of the essay.

  6. Use the following file naming convention when saving your essay" “LastNameFirstInitial.ReflectionEssay.MMYY.” For example, “BleckerE.ReflectionEssay.0417” “McNamaraK.ReflectionEssay.1216” or “MaloL.ReflectionEssay.0317”.

  7. Submit both a Word version and a PDF version of your essay.

Reflection essays can be emailed to the Department of Community Service. The essay is a required component in order to receive your CTS medal. We look forward to reading about your service experience!