Number of Courses Taken Per Term

Full-time Two-Year students typically take roughly four courses per term in the first year, and roughly three courses per term in the second year. (The minimum number of courses per term that a graduate student can take to counted as a full-time student is three.) Fifth Year BS/MS students are treated on a par with second year Two-Year students, and thus also take about three courses per term.

Since each of the CL thesis and CL internship counts as a course, a student completing just a CL internship (or just a CL MS thesis) for the exit requirement during the final semester would only need to take two additional regular courses that term. A student completing both a CL internship and a CL thesis during the final term could have a schedule that term of just those two courses plus one regular course.

Note that COSI 138a - CL Second Year Seminar is generally not counted by CL advising faculty toward the three course per term requirement of second/fifth year students. Since it is a regular course within COSI course offerings, however, it does contribute to the number of courses taken by a student for the purposes of being considered a full-time student by the university.

Part-Time Students

Part-time students in the CL MS Program have the same degree requirements as full-time students, both in terms of the number and identity of courses taken overall. But part-time students take only one or two courses per term, and thus complete the degree over a longer period of time. The overall length of time to complete the degree part-time depends on how many courses the student takes each term, and whether or not the student opts to complete any courses during summer terms.