The Exit Requirement

Students are required to complete either a thesis or an internship in CL, lasting at least one semester. To allow students to use the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their studies, it is standard for this requirement to be done in the final semester of the program—so normally in Spring of the second year for full-time Two-Year students, or Spring of the fifth year for BS/MS students.

With the permission of the CL advising faculty, students can choose to complete both a thesis and an internship, and/or for either or both to occur over two semesters, rather than one. Two-semester theses and internships are still done at the end of the degree, and thus generally in Fall and Spring of the second year (for Two-Year students) or the fifth year (for BS/MS students).

Both the thesis and the internship courses to register for are 'independent instruction' courses, and so only show up when searching the COSI Schedule of Classes page for a particular term by checking the 'Include Independent Instructional Classes' box at the top of the page.