Five-Year Bachelor's/MS Program

The Five-Year Bachelor's/MS Program in Computational Linguistics allows Brandeis BA students to complete the first-year coursework of the two-year Computational Linguistics MS degree during their undergraduate studies, typically as majors or minors in one or both of language and linguistics and computer science.

The fifth year, in which the student has graduated with a BA and is enrolled as an MS student, then consists of coursework that mirrors the second-year curriculum of the two-year Computational Linguistics MS. This includes at least four advanced computational linguistics courses (and at least 6 total courses), including the required COSI 134, COSI 137, COSI 138, and either an internship in computational linguistics or a master’s thesis. The master’s thesis must be deposited electronically to the Robert D. Farber University Archives at Brandeis.

The minimum residence requirement is one year, i.e., two semesters of full-time enrollment, beyond the BA.

Financial Aid

To help students make graduate school possible for students in our two-year program, Brandeis makes available special scholarships, based on merit and need. The typical award for a two-year computational linguistics master's students is approximately $20,000 per academic year.

Students enrolled in the BA/MS program are considered undergraduate students in their senior year, thus they receive aid from the undergraduate financial aid office. In the fifth year, the Brandeis Alumni Scholarship ($10,500 scholarship) is granted. No additional aid is awarded.

Visit the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Website for more information on financing your education at Brandeis.