Email Lists

Brandeis CL Email Lists

We have several email lists for the CL community at Brandeis. They are managed by Anne Gudaitis, who makes sure the appropriate people are on the appropriate lists.

List People Included All CL MS and PhD students, postdocs, faculty, visitors Students in their first year in the CL MS Program (first-year Two-Year students and 5th-year BS/MS students) Students taking advanced courses in the CL MS program (non-first-year Two-Year students and 5th-year BS/MS students)

Brandeis Linguistics Email List, also called the 'ling list', is an email list for general linguistics announcements at Brandeis. Many posts on this list are specifically for linguistics undergraduate students or courses (and this is the sole list for such postings), but announcements about new courses, conferences, and so on are also of interest to CL students. To be subscribed to this list, send an email to Anne Gudaitis with the email address you would like to use for the list.