Important Offices and Resources

As a graduate student, you often use different campus offices than do Brandeis undergraduate students. For instance, Brandeis has an Office of Student Financial Services—but this is used only by undergraduates. The same services for graduate students are provided instead through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS).

Additionally, the contact person in a given campus office (e.g., in the Registrar's Office) is sometimes different for graduate versus undergraduate students.

Generally, whatever you need that is not done by CL advising faculty or the COSI department office is very likely to involve either the GSAS office or the Registrar's Office (with the ISSO office added for international students). The websites for these two offices have a lot of information on them that is extremely helpful and relevant for you (though sometimes a bit difficult to find within each site!).

Schedule of Classes

The Schedule of Classes lists the actual courses being offered (or, for previous terms, that were offered) in a given term, including their instructor, time slot, and (when available) room location.

  • At the top of the Schedule of Classes page for any term, you can select the term (e.g., 'Fall 2018'), the course level (e.g., 'Undergraduate'), and the discipline (e.g., 'Computer Science'). Whenever searching for courses, we recommend always changing the course level from its default setting of 'Undergraduate' to 'All'. The 'Undergraduate' setting will bring up only courses below 100-level (1 to 99) and 100-level courses, leaving out graduate 200-level courses. CL MS students take courses in all three levels (below 100, 100-level, and 200-level), and selecting 'All' ensures that every course being offered that semester will appear.

  • Courses like independent studies, theses, and internships will not appear on the Schedule of Classes unless you check the 'Include Independent Instructional Classes' box at the top of the page. The default is for this box NOT to be checked, so you need to check it in order to view these courses.

University Bulletin

The University Bulletin does not have information specific to a given term, but instead lists all courses that a discipline offers in general, along with a complete description of the course.

  • The information in the Bulletin about how frequently a course is offered (e.g., 'usually offered every second year') and sometimes about who the course's instructor is or its prerequisites (especially for CL as opposed to regular CS students) is not up to date. For more current information, you should check with the advisor and/or chair of the discipline in question for instructor and course offering frequency; for the COSI and LING courses that comprise the CL MS curriculum, James and Lotus generally have the most up to date information about course offerings in upcoming terms.

  • When considering a computer science course for which you may lack certain COSI prerequisites, it's a good idea to check with the course's instructor or with James, Lotus, or Bert—often, particularly after the first semester or two as a CL MS student, you may in fact be able to take the course. The main take-home message is that prerequisite courses listed for a given course in the Schedule of Classes and/or Bulletin may not be absolute, especially for graduate (as opposed to undergraduate) students.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) Office and Website

Office Location: Kutz 219 (781-736-3410)

The GSAS website has many helpful things for graduate students, including the Graduate Student Guide.

General issues for graduate students handled by GSAS:

  • Admissions (including enrolling in summer terms)

  • Financial aid, fellowships, student loans, other funding issues (including health insurance)

  • Tuition payments and amounts

  • Academic standing issues (including leaves of absence and withdrawing from the university)

  • Part- vs. Full-Time student status

  • Teaching Fellow information

  • Career services, including some assistance with searches for non-academic jobs

  • University degree requirements (including Residency Requirements)

  • Graduation procedures, including filing petitions to graduate and ordering gowns for commencement

  • Thesis submission procedures

Registrar's Office and Website

Office Location: Kutz 121 (781-736-2010)

General issues for Graduate Students handled by the Registrar's Office:

  • Course enrollment, including adding/dropping courses of all types

  • The academic calendar, including dates for the start and end of classes each term, for the final exam period, and for holidays

  • Deadlines for graduating - including deadlines for filing the relevant forms and depositing theses

  • All other deadlines and date-related things

  • Forms for adding and dropping courses, and for giving permission of various sorts (GSAS also has some forms relevant to graduate students on its site)

In addition to the Schedule of Classes and University Bulletin linked above, the Registrar's Office website is the location for the Academic Calendar for each term, and for special dates relevant just to graduate students. Many of these are essential for you to be aware of!

International Student and Scholar's Office (ISSO)

Office Location: Kutz 215 (781-736-3480)

International students should already be in touch with the ISSO. Deadlines involving visa and other issues for international students are often very rigid, and are set not by Brandeis, but by larger governmental agencies in this country. International students are thus advised to be especially on top of things, to apply for all necessary permissions well ahead of schedule, and so on.

An important additional note: international students who enroll in an internship on or off campus may be required to obtain Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization from the ISSO BEFORE beginning the internship. International students interested in completing an internship, whether for their Exit Requirement or just for elective credit, must email the ISSO to schedule an appointment (in-person or via phone) with their ISSO advisor to determine if such authorization is required. For more information on internships (for the CL MS Exit Requirement and otherwise), please see the Exit Requirement page.