Brandeis News Highlights

How and when can we reopen the economy safely? What are the most promising treatments? How do we protect the most vulnerable among us? These are just a few of the questions Brandeisians — our faculty, students, alumni, parents and staff — are tackling. We’re working fast, smart and compassionately, fueled by our enduring commitment to improve the world through knowledge and action.

Brandeisians Respond to The Coronavirus Crisis

How COVID-19 is impacting health policy at federal, state and local levels

Associate Professor and MPP Program Director Michael Doonan utilizes his expertise in health policy and federalism to help explain how COVID-19 is impacting health policy at every level of government.

Smallpox was defeated, but it wasn't easy. Here's how it's relevant to COVID-19.

When the United States suffered a great wave of smallpox outbreaks at the turn of the 20th century, the public health field was in its infancy. Professor Michael Willrich describes the outbreaks and their relevance to COVID-19.

When should we reopen the economy?

An analysis by International Business School professor Anna Scherbina shows we would hurt more than help the economy if we do it before mid-June.

How artificial intelligence is helping scientists find a coronavirus treatment

Computational linguist James Pustejovsky leads a Brandeis team in developing an artificial intelligence program that can sort through all the data we have on coronavirus.

Plagues follow bad leadership in ancient Greek tales

Classics professor Joel Christensen '01, MA'01,  examines the function of plagues in the epics.

Brandeis researchers tackle COVID-19

Virologist Tijana Ivanovic's lab is looking at how the virus infects cells. Computer scientists Pengyu Hong and Hongfu Liu are using machine learning to map its genetic code.

Coronavirus has shut down most places of worship. Now what?

Sociology professor Wendy Cadge discusses the steps America's faith communities are taking to continue worshiping during the coronavirus pandemic.

Brandeis supports area coronavirus effort

With Boston-area health care centers facing a medical emergency, the community donated masks, gloves and other supplies to help.

How to teach about the coronavirus

A new study guide by biology professor Melissa Kosinski-Collins and her colleagues offers a remote-learning approach for high school and college students.

How are college students coping with the stress of coronavirus?

A Brandeis psychology professor and her lab are studying how students are coping with the unprecedented stress that the COVID-19 pandemic presents.

A social distancing reading list, selected by the Brandeis community

Have you had more than your fill of screen time while social distancing or quarantining? We’ve got some alternative options for you.

Brandeisians lend a hand in Waltham Mutual Aid network

Jonathan Goldman ’19 and Talya Guenzburger ’20 are connecting people in need with those who can help in Brandeis' home city.

Remote learning in the age of COVID-19

Faced with the challenge of maintaining high-quality education while teaching online, professors are adapting and innovating — everything from take-home tests to sharing pictures of their teddy bears.

From a war zone to a global pandemic: A doctor’s experience on the front lines

Dr. Ihsan Kaadan, MS’16, is on the front lines of the COVID-19 epidemic.