Off-Campus Living

Brandeis recognizes that some undergraduates and all graduate students live off the university’s Waltham campus.

No matter where a Brandeis student lives, they still are expected to live up to their responsibilities and follow required protocols to ensure they help keep the greater university community safe.

Before Coming to Campus

These responsibilities include completing the the three required steps before coming to campus:

If your passport is Red, you may not access campus facilities until you have completed the required tasks.

If your passport is red because your last visit to campus was outside of the testing window, simply complete the Daily Health Assessment and schedule a test. Your passport will turn to yellow, allowing you to access the testing center and other campus facilities. If you do not submit your sample during your scheduled window, your passport will turn red again. If you fail to submit a sample when you are required to, you may face disciplinary action.

If you do not pass the Daily Health Assessment, you must not come to campus and you should immediately contact  the Health Center.

Keeping Others Safe

Students living off-campus should not come to campus if any of the following applies:

Students experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should contact the Health Center. If you are living near campus, you can receive diagnostic testing from the Health Center, or you can contact your health care provider for testing. Each report of symptoms will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Health Center.