Nader Habibi

April 2019
Middle East Brief 127
"Implementing Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030: An Interim Balance Sheet"

February 2018

Middle East Brief 115
"The Iranian Economy Two Years after the Nuclear Agreement"

September 2016
Middle East Brief 102
"Why Are Egyptian Youth Burning Their University Diplomas? The Overeducation Crisis in Egypt"
With Fatma El-Hamidi

February 2015
Middle East Brief 89
"Iran’s Overeducation Crisis: Causes and Ramifications"

April 2014
Working Paper 5
"The Economic Legacy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad"

June 2013
Middle East Brief 74
"The Economic Legacy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad"

October 2012
Middle East Brief 67
"The Economic Agendas and Expected Economic Policies of Islamists in Egypt and Tunisia"

May 2012
Middle East Brief 62
"Turkey and Iran: Growing Economic Relations Despite Western Sanctions"

December 2011
Middle East Brief 57
"Is Iran's Economy Growing? An Assessment of the IMF's 2011 Report on Iran"

June 2011
Crown Paper 6
"GCC States' Import Demand: The Effects of Geopolitics"

April 2011
Middle East Brief 49
"What Is Driving Turkey’s Reengagement with the Arab World?"
Coauthor: Joshua W. Walker

November 2010
Middle East Brief 45
"The Impact of Sanctions on Iran-GCC Economic Relations"

Deccember 2009
Middle East Brief 40
"The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Arab Countries: A Year-End Assessment"

February 2009
Middle East Brief 34
"U.S. - Arab Economic Relations and the Obama Administration"
Co-authored with Dr. Eckart Woertz

October 2008
Middle East Brief 31
"The Iranian Economy in the Shadow of Economic Sanctions,"

June 2008
Crown Paper 1
"Managing the Oil Wealth: Foreign Assets of GCC Countries"