Prof. H. E. Chehabi

Professor of International Relations and History at Boston University. He has taught at Harvard, Oxford, and UCLA, and has held Alexander von Humboldt and Woodrow Wilson fellowships. 



Li Kulli Fir'awn Musa: The Myth of Moses and Pharaoh in the Iranian Revolution in Comparative Perspective

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Prof. H. E. Chehabi
Crown Paper 4, October 2010


The biblical account of the confrontation between Moses and Pharaoh has inspired a large number of revolutionaries in the Christian world who have identified themselves with Moses and their enemy with Pharaoh.  In this Crown Paper, Prof. Houchang Chehabi extends the analysis of what scholars have termed the “myth of Moses and Pharaoh” to the Muslim world, and provides a case-study of how this myth has played itself out in the Shiite political Islam of Iran since 1979.  

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