Nader Habibi
Henry J. Leir Professor of the Economics of the Middle East at the Crown Center.


Joshua W. Walker
Junior Research Fellow at the Crown Center and an Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond from August 2011.


What Is Driving Turkey's Reengagement with the Arab World?

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Prof. Nader Habibi and Dr. Joshua W. Walker
Middle East Brief 49, April 2011


Turkey’s new leadership role in the Middle East has been associated with a decade-long increase in economic and diplomatic relations with Arab states. This Brief analyzes the recent transformation in Turkey’s relations with the Arab world by closely studying their economic and geopolitical ties. Through an examination of political, institutional, and commercial forces in Turkey, it suggests that this shift is far more than a simple political agenda of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). Rather, it is supported by a broad base of domestic interest groups which have and will demand a durable rapprochement with the Arab world in the coming decades.

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