Malik Mufti
Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Tufts University


A Little America: The Emergence of Turkish Hegemony

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Prof. Malik Mufti
Middle East Brief 51, May 2011


At a time of radically conflicting interpretations about the direction in which the AK Party is taking Turkey’s foreign policy, Prof. Malik Mufti provides a novel explanation for Turkey’s geopolitical reorientation. In this Brief, Prof. Mufti uses the notion of "Little America" as an expression of Turkey’s emerging bid for regional hegemony: as an actor seeking to project the kind of power—manifested in both its “hard” and May 2011 “soft” variants—wielded by the United States at the global level.  In doing so, he provides a framework that goes beyond either the "anti-Western Islamism" or the "integrationist liberalism” that dominates analyses of Turkish foreign policy today.

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