Joshua W. Walker
A Transatlantic Fellow at the German Marshall Fund based in Washington, D.C. and was a Junior Research Fellow at the Crown Center in 2010-2011 



Turkey’s Time in Syria: Future Scenarios

Turkey and Syria

Joshua W. Walker
Middle East Brief 63, May 2012


As the ongoing humanitarian disaster unfolds in Syria, Turkey is increasingly placed in the international hot seat. With strong strategic and economic ties to Syria, the government in Ankara is in a key position to affect Syria's future. However, so far Turkey has remained cautious, weighing its policy options carefully. In this Brief, Dr. Joshua Walker presents both a historical account of Turkish-Syrian relations and also the current Turkish policy regarding the escalating civil war in Syria. It concludes by laying out two alternative scenarios for Ankara: a limited military intervention in Syria through a buffer zone coupled with covert assistance to the Free Syrian Army; or, a full internationally sanctioned and supported military intervention.     

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