Naghmeh Sohrabi

Naghmeh Sohrabi
Associate Director for Research at the Crown Center and the Charles (Corky) Goodman Professor of Middle East History at Brandeis 



Reading the Tea Leaves: Iranian Domestic Politics and the Presidential Election of 2013

Iran elections

Naghmeh Sohrabi
Middle East Brief 65, July 2012


In Iran, the presidential election of June 2013 has already become a hot topic. In this Brief, Prof. Naghmeh Sohrabi lays out three developments that will be evolving in this last year of the Ahmadinejad presidency and that will likely affect the upcoming election: the continuing power struggle over the scope of executive powers; the emergence of the Paydari Front, which supports Ahmadinejad; and the role that the reformists may play in the 2013 presidential election. The Brief concludes by evaluating the likely combined effect of these developments on the 2013 election and by assessing whether, in the context of the powerful role the Supreme Leader plays in Iranian politics, any of these developments really matter.     

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