aria nakissa
Aria Nakissa

Junior Research Fellow at the Crown Center and has a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University.



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Egypt Constitutional Assembly

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Islamist Understandings of Sharia and Their Implications for the Post-revolutionary Egyptian Constitution

Tunisia and Egypt Economy

Aria Nakissa
Middle East Brief 68, November 2012


The first elections in post-revolutionary Egypt brought into being a parliamentary majority dominated by Islamist parties and a new constitutional assembly also dominated by Islamist leaning members. Although the constitution is still being written, a preliminary draft was released to the public on October 10, 2012. In this Brief, Dr. Aria Nakissa takes a closer look at the concept of Wasaṭism, an important component of the Muslim Brotherhood’s orientation toward implementing Sharia, and considers how this approach has found expression in the drafting of Egypt’s post-revolutionary constitution. He concludes by stating that differences of opinion which have surfaced with regard to the constitution--between the Islamists and the secular-oriented politicians--indicate the types of struggles likely to characterize Egypt’s post-revolutionary political landscape.       

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